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S.Walter reed knife
S.Walter reed knife
S.Walter reed knife

S.Walter reed knife

$99.99 USD

The first rule of reed making is; always have a sharp knife. The second rule of reed making is; always have a sharp knife. The third rule is; well you get the idea. With the S.Walter reed knife you will always have a sharp knife, even if you are not confident in your ability to get your knife sharp. 

When I first began reed making I was incapable of sharpening my reed knives to an acceptable sharpness. I would get a reed to resemble a reed-like creation and then with one misguided scrape, half the tip would disappear. After much frustration, I began scraping reeds with disposable razor blades. It was the only way I could take off cane without also taking off the tip of my reeds. The problem with utility blades is that they often chatter (bounce on the cane, causing nicks) when scrapping and can cause more problems then they fix. I wish there would have been a better option.

In walks in the S.Walter reed knife.

The S.Walter reed knife is a wonderful innovation for reed makers. The reed knife features interchangeable blades that can simply be replaced when dull. This knife is especially useful for reed makers that might not be experts at reed knife sharpening, but know how important a sharp knife is in the reed making process. It is a great option for students that want to focus on learning how to scrape reeds, even if they have not yet learned the intricacies of knife sharpening.

 While I think this is a great option for students, I know that reed makers of all abilities will appreciate having a sharp blade always at the ready.  I especially love this knife for fine tip work, when a razor sharp edge is needed.

The replaceable blades are held at angle that allows you to scrape just as you would with a standard reed knife. The solid wood handle if very comfortable in the hand and allows for ample grip. The reed knife is weighted similar to other reed knives, and users will not notice much difference for a standard reed knife while scraping. The overall balance of the blade and handle prevent the blade from chattering.

Comes with 10 extra blades and a tool for replacing the blades and a sheath. The blades can be purchased through most hardware stores or here.