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Custom oboe reeds

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Custom oboe reeds are made to your specifications, I will make them to have your specific physical dimensions, playing qualities, pitch specifications, thread color, staples (may be added cost)  Et cetera. Please Contact me to let me know how I can help you.

The custom oboe reeds are not meant to be perceived as simply the top of the line reeds offered at A.Lakota Reeds. I have a few  intentions while selling custom oboe reeds

1)  To help educate oboists hoping to explore different playing characteristics that may come from changing specific variables in the process.

2) To help professional and high level amateur oboists to have an oboe reed that is made to their specifications if they have no other outlet and have specific requests.  I have met many oboists whom are not able to make oboe reeds due to some external setback whether that be physical inability, or lack of time and resources. I have heard "I would still play the oboe if I had a good reed source" many times. I enjoy being able to give many of these individuals another chance to play the oboe by providing them with oboe reeds.

3) To learn more about my own oboe reed making craft by learning more about what other oboists find desirable in an oboe reed, and learning to make reeds to better suit individual oboists. 

One of my goals as an oboe reed maker has been to provide as consistent a product as possible, but what is great for me, may not work so well for someone else. I have created my professional oboe reeds and student oboe reeds with quality and consistency in mind.  I hope to provide oboe reeds that can be relied on to play a certain way no matter the cane, season, or other factors, this in itself can be a challenge, but I work very hard to keep raising the bar for myself. A greater challenge is working to make a reed that is different than my style. 

I have tried many different oboe reeds, I have spoken with many oboists, and I have made many reeds at this point.  I feel I have a decent, yet always improving, grasp of different qualities that oboe reeds possess and how to make reeds to suite different needs and individuals. I am always looking to grow my own skills and understanding of reed making, and I find looking at what other people find to be the ideal expands my own concept of what a "great reed" is and how that plays into my own concept of "great oboe playing".

I would love for every customer to have access to a professional reed maker that can make custom reeds to their exact specifications. This is not truly affordable or feasible for most people, but it would likely make oboe playing significantly more enjoyable for many oboists. I invite you to contact me about what you are looking for, and I will give you an honest answer about whether I think I can help you.