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Gouged, Shaped, and Folded Oboe Reed Cane

Gouged, Shaped, and Folded Oboe Reed Cane

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Gouged oboe cane that is shaped to your preference of shaper. Priced per 10 pieces of Gouged and shaped oboe cane. It will be either shaped using a reeds n stuff shaping machine or by hand. Shaper tips and templates are very expensive, ($100-$250 each!), you can try many shapes before finding one that works best for your setup of oboe, and playing style. Available shapes are:

Reeds’n stuff machine-
Pfiefer/Mack. (Shaped dry)
Liang. (Shaped wet)
Mack MPX. (Dry or wet)
Brannen X. (Shaped dry)
RDG 1. (Shaped wet)

Hand shaped with shaper tip-
Pfiefer/Mack- Westwind copy
Mack++ - Westwind copy
Lucarelli- Westwind copy
Delancie- Westwind Copy
Brannen X- Original
Pfiefer/Mack- original

The hand shaped tips have a slightly higher price. This is because it takes more skill and time to shape by hand. The BrannenX and Pfiefer/Mack original shapes are rare shaper tips, so I charge a premium.