The Current lead time is Approximately 3-7 Days. I am using Isopropyl Alcohol along with Hydrogen peroxide to sanitize all reeds, as an added prevention against viruses. For more information click the oboe reed sanitation tab on the main menu.

3 chiarugi oboe staples. The best oboe staples for medium shaped oboe reeds. brass tubes with natural cork.
3 Chiarugi oboe staples. Brass oboe staples with natural cork tubes.

Chiarugi oboe staples

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47mm Chiarugi oboe staples. Size 2 and 2+ available. 

Chiarugi oboe staples are known for their incredible quality, tonal characteristics, pitch stability and consistency. Each staple features a thin-wall brass tube, and high-quality natural cork. The staples are available in 47mm and 2 or 2+ sizes. 2+ having a slightly larger bore size than 2. The larger bore of the oboe staple allows more air to flow through the oboe reed. The increased airflow can result in a slightly higher pitch floor. 

Chiarugi oboe staples are made in Italy.

Chiarugi oboe mandrels are available here