The Current lead time is Approximately 3-7 Days. I am using Isopropyl Alcohol along with Hydrogen peroxide to sanitize all reeds, as an added prevention against viruses. For more information click the oboe reed sanitation tab on the main menu.

Chiarugi oboe mandrel. Size 2, fits chiarugi #2 staples perfectly
Chiarugi oboe mandrel. Designed to fit Chiarugi #2+ oboe staples perfectly.

Chiarugi oboe mandrel

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Oboe mandrel used to hold the staple while the oboe reed blank is being tied. These oboe mandrels are made by Chiarugi and fit their oboe staples perfectly. Size 2 and 2+ mandrels are available.

The mandrels have an attractive solid ebony handle.      

Chiarugi oboe staples are available here