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Chiarugi metal oboe staple, "E" style. Ready to be made into your best oboe reed

Chiarugi metal oboe staples. “E” style

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The Chiarugi all metal staples are constructed of brass. Each measures 47mm in length and have the Chiarugi #2 bore. 

The Chiarugi metal oboe staples have two “O” rings that ensure an air tight seal on the oboe. They can be very tight, or not fit into some oboes with small reed wells. 

I personally feel that the “E” style oboe staples provide oboe reeds with greater resonance in the center of the sound, which I perceive to offer a rounder sound. Sing “hee”, then “hah”, then “who”, for me these staples provide a tone most like “hah”, which is resonant without having any harshness to the edge. I use “E” style staples for most of the oboe reeds I perform with and I like them very much. They are worth a try for any oboe reed makers looking to try something new.