The Current Wait is Approximately 3-7 Days. I am using Isopropyl Alcohol along with Hydrogen peroxide to sanitize all reeds, as an added prevention against viruses. For more information click the oboe reed sanitation tab on the main menu.

gouged shaped and folded English horn cane. Ready to be made into the best English horn reeds for you.

Shaped English Horn Cane

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Shaped English horn cane using a Giocabassi template. I like tying it on at 58.5mm. Ready to be tied on the staple to make your best English horn reed. Priced per 10 pieces.

This is the same cane that is used on all A.Lakota Reeds English horn reeds. I sell the same products that I use, so if you have purchased English Horn reeds from me and like the cane then consider placing an order for this gouged English Horn Cane. I try to find the best English Horn Cane I can for the reeds I make, so the brand can change from season to season. I am currently using Glotin English horn cane. I tend to prefer Medium Hard cane for English horn reeds. 

I use diameter cane with a gouge of .67-.69mm