The Current Wait is Approximately 3-7 Days. I am using Isopropyl Alcohol along with Hydrogen peroxide to sanitize all reeds, as an added prevention against viruses. For more information click the oboe reed sanitation tab on the main menu.

Gouged oboe cane, ready to be made into the best oboe reeds

Gouged oboe cane.

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Gouged oboe cane, ready to be made into your best oboe reeds. Priced per 10 pieces of gouged oboe cane. Center thickness is .58-.60mm. Each piece is measured with a micrometer to ensure consistency (measurements are done while the cane is soaked).

Gouged on your choice of Ross, Ferrillo or Inoledy gouging machine. Upcharge for the Ferrillo machine.

Choice of 10-10.5mm or 10.5-11mm diameter cane. The larger diameter creates a slightly smaller opening.

I am currently using Rigotti tube cane.