The Current Wait is Approximately 3-7 Days. I am using Isopropyl Alcohol along with Hydrogen peroxide to sanitize all reeds, as an added prevention against viruses. For more information click the oboe reed sanitation tab on the main menu.

A.Lakota oboe d'amore reed on wood. A.Lakota oboe d'amore reeds provide the best results.
Back lit oboe d'amore reed made by A.Lakota reeds. A.Lakota oboe d'amore reeds provide the best results.

Oboe D’amore reeds

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oboe and oboe D'amore reed sanitation against covid19

A.Lakota oboe d’amore reeds are crafted to play well in all registers with good intonation and have a beautiful tone. I am currently using silver Rigotti collarless staples. The oboe d’amore reeds will come with rubber tubing around the staple to ensure they stay on the bocal. They are tested and adjusted on a Howarth oboe D’amore with a Laubin bocal. 

I currently do not offer different strengths as an option, but please feel free to let me know of any special requests regarding preferred resistance while buying oboe d’amore reeds.